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Welcome to Almoouj, your premier supplier and dealer of screw compressors in Dubai and UAE. We take pride in providing high-quality screw compressors that meet the needs of various industries, from manufacturing to oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Our commitment to providing the best screw compressors starts with our selection process. We partner with the most reputable manufacturers in the industry to ensure that we offer only the best screw compressors. Our products include oil-injected screw compressors, oil-free screw compressors, and variable-speed drive screw compressors. Each compressor is designed to deliver maximum efficiency and reliability, providing optimal performance and cost savings.

Our Hot Selling screw compressors

Air compressor head

Our Air compressor head is designed to provide superior performance and reliability, with a durable construction that ensures long-lasting use. This compressor head is ideal for various applications, from automotive repair shops to small manufacturing plants.

Screw compressor 15 hp NS15

The Screw compressor 15 hp NS15 is another top-selling product that offers efficient and reliable operation. This compressor is designed with a powerful 15-horsepower motor and advanced control features to ensure optimal performance and energy savings. It is perfect for use in small to medium-sized industries and manufacturing plants.

Screw compressor 20 hp NS20D

Our Screw compressor 20 hp NS20D is an excellent choice for more demanding applications. With a powerful 20-horsepower motor, this compressor delivers exceptional performance and efficiency. It is designed with advanced control features and durable construction to ensure reliable operation in even the most challenging environments.

At Almoouj, we understand that every industry has unique needs. That's why we offer a range of screw compressors with varying capacities, sizes, and features to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you need a small screw compressor for a workshop or a large one for an industrial plant, we have the right solution.

Customer Service

We take pride in our exceptional customer service, and our team of experts is always ready to assist you with any inquiries or technical support. To ensure that your screw compressor operates at its best performance and lasts for a long time, we provide installation and maintenance services as well. Our team of experts is dedicated to keeping your compressor in top condition, ensuring optimal efficiency and longevity. Trust us to provide the necessary support and care to keep your screw compressor running smoothly for years to come.

Our goal

We aim to provide a comprehensive solution that meets your needs, budget, and expectations. We take every measure to ensure we deliver your screw compressor on time and within budget. With Almoouj, you can trust that you are getting the best quality screw compressors at a competitive price.

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Choose Almoouj as your trusted supplier and dealer of screw compressors in Dubai and UAE, and experience the difference in quality, service, and performance. Contact us today to know more about our best products and services, and let us help you find the perfect screw compressor for your business.

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