Screw compressor 15 hp NS15

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  • The rotary screw compressor has been specifically designed aiming at minimizing maintenance and labor costs.
  • The components have been arranged so that all vital parts can be easily reached for maintenance purposes simply by opening dedicated panels with quick-release locking devices.
  • On the same side there are all the filters and all control and safety devices (oil filter, air filter, oil separator filter, regulator valve, minimum valve, safety valve of max pressure, thermostat, tensioning belts, compressor units screw, pressure sensor, emptying and filling of the oil mist separator tank)


  • Type: NS15
  • Code: 4152040527
  •  L: 500
  • BAR: 10
  • PSI: 145
  • L/min: 1410
  • CFM: 49.8
  • KW: 11
  • HP: 15
  • dB(A): 69
  • mm: 1935×678×1578
  • Inch: 76.2×26.7×62.1
  • Kg: 350
  • Ibs: 776






catalog: NS 15

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