Unloader valve for maximum pressure 1000 bar and maximum flow rate 40 l/m VB 40-1000 PN: 60.2900.00

The VB 40-1000 PN: 60.2900.00 Unloader Valve is a cutting-edge pressure management solution designed for applications demanding precision control in high-pressure environments. Engineered to perfection, this valve ensures optimal performance and safety, making it an ideal choice for systems with a maximum pressure of 1000 bar and a maximum flow rate of 40 liters per minute.

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VB 40-1000

Technical specification:

  • INLET: 1x G 3/8 F
  • OUTLET: G 3/8 F
  • Bypass: G 3/8 F
  • WORK PRESSURE: 1000 bar – 14500 psi
  • ADJUSTABLE MINIMUM PRESSURE: 500 bar – 7250 psi
  • MINIMUM FLOW: 9 l/min – 2.4 USGpm
  • MAXIMUM FLOW: 40 l/m – 10.5 USGpm
  • RATED TEMPERATURE: 90 °C – 195 °F
  • WEIGHT: 4650 g


High-Pressure Excellence: With a maximum pressure handling capacity of 1000 bar, this unloader valve guarantees reliable and efficient operation even under extreme pressure conditions.

Precise Flow Control: The VB 40-1000 features exceptional flow rate management, allowing for fine-tuned adjustments to match specific application requirements.

Enhanced Safety: Safety is paramount, and this valve is equipped with advanced safety features that prevent overpressure situations, ensuring the protection of both equipment and personnel.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand high pressures and demanding environments, the valve boasts a robust construction using high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Effortless Installation: The valve’s user-friendly design simplifies installation, reducing downtime and increasing overall operational efficiency.

Versatility: Whether in industrial settings, manufacturing processes, or research applications, the VB 40-1000 PN: 60.2900.00 Unloader Valve proves its versatility across various high-pressure systems.

Reliable Sealing: This valve features top-tier sealing mechanisms that prevent leakage, guaranteeing smooth operation and maintaining system integrity.

  1. Upgrade your high-pressure system with the unparalleled capabilities of the VB 40-1000 PN: 60.2900.00 Unloader Valve. Experience precise pressure management and optimal performance like never before. Trust in a product engineered for excellence, durability, and safety.

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