High Pressure Pump 1000 Bar GXX Series

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GXX Series


  • GXX pumps can operate at a maximum pressure of 1000 bar, and with water temperature up to 45º (113 F).
  • This pump is suitable for various cleaning tasks, e.g. in the chemical and Oil & Gas industry, as well as in the field of ship cleaning.
  • The sealing water system of the pump prevents leakage, allowing a particularly high durability of the high-pressure seals and counteracts the intrusion of air. In addition to that the hard metal plungers used offer increased wear resistance, high thermal shock resistance and high cavitation insensitivity.

GXX2410R model:

  • Part. No: 1.904-845.0
  • Flow rate: 23.8 l/m / 6.3 US GPM
  • Max Pressure: 1000Bar / 14500PSI
  • Left/Right: Right-Dx
  • Hollow Shaft mm: 40 Male
  • Max Power: 61hp / 44.9Kw
  • RPM: 1450


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