High pressure washer 150 bar 8.5 l/m Model AB 8515 SS SN: 1780002

Introducing the Almoouj High Pressure Washer 150 Bar 8.5 in dubai and UAE ! This powerful cleaning solution is designed to make your everyday cleaning tasks effortless and efficient. With its exceptional pressure and water flow rate, it tackles dirt, grime, and stubborn stains with ease, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean.

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  AB 8515 SS

Professional high-pressure washers the perfect choice for car washes and those who want perfect results in professional cleaning and daily use.

Key Features

High Pressure Performance: With a maximum pressure of 150 Bar, our washer delivers an impressive force that easily removes dirt and debris from various surfaces. Whether you’re cleaning your patio, driveway, car, or garden furniture, this machine ensures optimal cleaning results.

Enhanced Water Flow: The high water flow rate of 8.5 liters per minute enables a thorough and rapid cleaning experience. It ensures that every surface receives an ample amount of water, allowing for efficient cleaning and rinsing.

Durable Construction: Built with quality in mind, the Model AB 8515 SS is crafted to withstand rigorous use. The robust construction ensures longevity and reliability, making it a valuable investment for both residential and commercial cleaning needs.

Versatile Cleaning Options: Our high-pressure washer comes with a range of attachments and nozzles, allowing you to customize your cleaning approach. Whether you need a narrow jet for tough stains or a wide spray for larger areas, this machine offers versatile options for different cleaning tasks.

Easy to Use: Featuring user-friendly controls and a compact design, the Model AB 8515 SS is designed for convenience. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, while the integrated wheels make it easy to maneuver across different surfaces. Additionally, the quick-connect system allows for effortless setup and disassembly.

Safety Features: Your safety is our priority. This pressure washer is equipped with safety mechanisms such as an automatic shut-off system and a thermal overload protector. These features ensure that the machine operates safely and reliably, protecting both you and the device itself.

Environmentally Friendly: The Model AB 8515 SS is designed to be eco-friendly. It consumes less water compared to traditional cleaning methods, making it an efficient choice that minimizes water waste.

AB 8515 SS specification:

FUNCTION: High Pressure Cold Washer


Pump Type: 3 ceramic Piston

Working Pressure: 30-150bar (adjustable)

Flow: 8.5 l/min

Motor Power: 3KW/4Hp

Voltage: 220V 1phase

Pump Safety System: Regulator with by-pass system

Electric System: without Control panel

Frame: Stainless steel 304 ground frame

Spray Gun: 250bar with lance 900mm

Nozzle: Stainless steel

Hose: 15m R2 High pressure hose

Pressure Gauge: up to 400bar radial

Filter: Brass

Pump specification:


Pressure: 150 bar

Water flow: 8.5 l/m at 1450 RPM, 10 l/m at 1740 RPM

Oil: 10w40

Oil change: First oil change after 50 hours, then every 100 hours


Electric motor specification:

Brand: NICOLINI & C.

Phase: 1phase

IP: 54

Kw: 3

Hp: 4

Voltage: 220 V at 50 Hz

With the Almoouj High Pressure Washer 150 Bar 8.5 in Dubai and UAE , you can achieve professional-level cleaning results without the hassle. Invest in this reliable and powerful cleaning solution today and enjoy a cleaner and more pristine environment.


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