Truck mounted thermal fogger IZ-400

This top-of-the-line fogger is designed to eliminate pests, mosquitoes, and other insects quickly and effectively. With its impressive range and ability to cover large areas, the IZ-400 is the perfect solution for agricultural, industrial, and residential settings. Its reliable and easy-to-use features make it a favorite among farmers, pest control professionals, and homeowners alike.

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Product features

  • Double pulse jet engines
  • Double purpose (Water or Oil based solution)
  • Remote control adjust fogging direction (Turntable is option item)
  • IZ-400 is used to prevent Zika virus, Malaria, Dengue fever and yellow-fever transmitting mosquitoes.
  • IZ-400 is ideal for use in fogging industrial, public place and residential areas.

Main specification

  • Length: 1620mm
  • Width: 510mm
  • Height: 380mm
  • Weight: 43kg
  • Chemical tank capacity: 140 l
  • Fuel tank capacity: 7 l
  • Max.spouting quantity: 200 l/H
  • Fuel consumption: 4 l/H
  • cooling system: air-cooled
  • Spouting pipe: 2ea
  • Pressure gauge: 2kg/m²




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